Imagine the possibilities
  1. You could go to all night diners every night and find the best slice of apple pie in the tri-state area
    I don't actually live in the tri-state area but I hear they have the best diners there.
  2. You could watch more soccer because every time you get a chance to watch soccer you're like "I wish I had time to watch more soccer"
  3. You could get more done and be one of those super productive people who write how to's about how to be super productive
    And all it would say is "don't sleep, duh."
  4. You could stay up all night stalking friends on social media and not feel weird about it because it's not like you were losing sleep over it or anything
  5. You could drive the I-5 without wanting to poke your eyes out with sticks
  6. You could iron all your clothes
    Nah. This is a dumb idea.
  7. You could make a pot of chili / chicken tagine / other slow cooked meal...and then have it for breakfast
  8. You could binge read a series of books the way people binge watch television
    Suggested by @bjnovak