1. Why isn't there anyone interesting to talk to?
  2. Ewww... I will not send you a pic
  3. But I do want a picture of you... Jk
  4. I'm not kidding.
  5. How come there are no guys taller than me? I'm not even that tall!
  6. Oh, no he looks like a player.
  7. Who are all these other women in your pictures? I hate them already.
  8. 2 miles away? Nah that's too close for comfort. You can probably hear me singing in my shower.
  9. 39 miles? What? Am I supposed to get on a plane to see you?
  10. I wonder if he's homophobic, or transphobic, or misogynistic, or racist.
  11. Can he put up with my habits?
  12. This guy is so boring.
  13. Why does this feel like a job interview?
  14. I wonder if he'll ask for my number.
  15. Ughhh. He's probably a serial killer.
  16. If you message me after 11 for the first time, I know what you want and I don't want that from you.
  17. I bet he looks nothing like his picture.
  18. I wonder if he has a good late night voice.