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  1. A dysfunctional family of aliens comes to earth to run a TV station in New York City
  2. A family owned junk shop in Watts is really a front for a violent motorcycle gang
  3. Aging single women find friendship as struggling waitresses who dream of opening a cupcake shop
  4. An aggressive politician who will do anything to get ahead has to raise a family with the help of his wacky brothers.
  5. Old pals going through their midlife crises decide to start an ad agency
  6. A popular rapper searches for love while trying to gain political control over a vibrant fantasy world
  7. Emergency workers in the Windy City become outlaws and face off against intergalactic law enforcement.
  8. A wanted fugitive helps the FBI track down a ragtag group of female criminals who find that there's more to each other than meets the eye
  9. A family run funeral home is suddenly cut off from the rest of the world by a transparent, impermeable structure
  10. The world is overrun by a plague that kills nearly everyone, but the newly deceased have been given an important task: guiding dying souls to the afterlife.
  11. Teams of sickening queens embark on a journey around the world to win a prize
  12. A CIA intelligence officer working in a counterterrorism unit get's reassigned to an alternate world inhabited by dinosaurs
  13. A team of mutant superheroes work to discover the truth about supernatural phenomena and interstellar life forms
  14. A military operative fights an evil organization and looks for love,. The twist is, he's not as rich as he seems.
  15. A New York based OBGYN tries her hand at fashion designing
  16. A working class student joins a fancy New England boarding school but it's haunted...or there's aliens...or maybe it's all in some kid's head the whole time, who knows, half the plot lines will never get resolved anyway.
  17. A high school football team goes through dramatic changes when a former heavyweight boxing champion comes in as the new coach
  18. A sorority is terrorized by a twenty year old murder mystery and a goofy parcel deliveryman from New York