It's been like 26 seasons guys, get it together
  1. How to drive stick shift
    One of you is gonna have to drive manual, you should know that.
  2. How to read a map
    Smartphones have spoiled you, I know. Study up, it will help.
  3. How to swim
    You will 100% have to be in water at some point. A roadblock is not the time to start facing your fear of water.
  4. How to row a boat/kayak
    It's all about a rhythm
  5. How to say rudimentary phrases in a few other languages.
    No, saying English words in an ambiguous accent does not count.
  6. How to eat a large amount of food very quickly.
    Fun fact: you eat 25% more on average when watching other people eat simultaneously
  7. How to respect other cultures and traditions.
    For the love of God, they are not "foreigners." You're in their country, dude, what does that make you?
  8. The race is not going to fix your relationship.
    If it's on the rocks to begin with, spending one month hungry and sleep deprived is only gonna make you hate the other's fave more.