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  1. Bess Marvin
  2. Jamila el-dine
    She's my love, my absolute favorite, my child, and everything I could ever want out of a character.
  3. Deirdre Shannon
    She's just great.
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  1. For when you are lonely AND reverting to your emo phase from when you were twelve.
  2. For when you open a detective agency in Mexico.
  3. To hit on someone?? Maybe??
    I don't remember why I took a screen shot of this one...
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I had mouth surgery today, I fell asleep and when my mom woke me up to ask if I wanted anything from the store, this is what I told her.
  1. Ice cream
    Pretty normal, I got cherry chocolate.
  2. Cranberry juice
    Which, I didn't get... apparently in my half asleep stupor I forgot to tell my mom that I wanted some.
Mitchell's version. I get that it's stylistic and probably true to the original epic, but SO repetitive.
  1. We get it, Gilgamesh, you had a dream
  2. Yes, you thought it was bad
  3. But it actually wasn't
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most of these came from the history channel I think... I don't know any of their names, sorry. I didn't actually watch most of them.
  1. The one where the guy insisted that Christians came to the United States 600 years earlier than they actually did
  2. Two where the "host" showed up after very abrupt endings and said "thanks for taking this journey with me"
    Bitch, who are you?
  3. One had a really angry guy as the host
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  1. Alice Isn't Dead
    From the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, a woman searches for her missing wife. Fairly new, but it's been really good so far.
  2. Ars Paradoxica
    Genius, and accidental time traveler Sally Grissom from an unspecified future travels back to 1945 and ends up working on government projects in Polvo, New Mexico. I'm only a few episodes into this one, and I honestly wasn't sold on the first episode, but every subsequent episode has been amazing.
  3. King Falls AM
    The shenanigans of two late night radio show hosts in a small town where strange things happen. This show is actually pretty funny, there are a lot of loveable characters throughout the town to get to know (like Emily and Troy, who are the best).
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  1. Before and After
    Knowing TWO answers for one question is just too much.
  2. Potent Potables
    I don't drink. Most of the people I'm close to don't drink.
  3. The New Testament
    I'm slightly better at old testament.
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