1. Alice Isn't Dead
    From the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, a woman searches for her missing wife. Fairly new, but it's been really good so far.
  2. Ars Paradoxica
    Genius, and accidental time traveler Sally Grissom from an unspecified future travels back to 1945 and ends up working on government projects in Polvo, New Mexico. I'm only a few episodes into this one, and I honestly wasn't sold on the first episode, but every subsequent episode has been amazing.
  3. King Falls AM
    The shenanigans of two late night radio show hosts in a small town where strange things happen. This show is actually pretty funny, there are a lot of loveable characters throughout the town to get to know (like Emily and Troy, who are the best).
  4. Limetown
    Lia Haddock investigates what happened in Limetown, where, ten years prior to the podcast, over 300 people went missing and were never heard from again. Okay, so TECHNICALLY I'm not currently listening to this podcast because it's not currently airing, but this one is so good. Seriously, listen to it.
  5. TANIS
    By Pacific Northwest Stories, Nic Silver investigates what exactly the myth of Tanis really is. This is my favorite podcast. I love all of the characters (especially MK and Geoff). Conspiracy based and will have you guess what's a real conspiracy, and what was made up for the podcast.
  6. The Black Tapes Podcast
    Also by Pacific Northwest Stories, Alex Reagan investigates paranormal activity and Dr. Richard Strand of the Strand Institute, as well as Dr. Strand's missing wife. This podcast takes place chronologically before TANIS, but I think you could listen to them in either order because they're only tangentially related. As with TANIS, this podcast does a really good job of mixing original content with already existing theories and stories.
  7. The Bright Sessions
    Recordings of "atypical's" therapy sessions with Dr. Bright. By atypical, I mean people with superpowers. I love The Bright Sessions. Caleb and Sam are my children and the relationship between Caleb and Adam is adorable.
  8. Small Town Horror
    A man returns to the small town the he grew up in to solve the mystery of who sent him two tapes he made as a teenager in the hours leading up to his kidnapping. The tapes were supposedly sent from his father, dated days after his father's death. There are only four episodes of this podcast released, so it'll be really easy to catch up. So far this podcast is fantastic.