Amazing Games For Your Tablet and Phone

After the success of my Great Games For People Who Don't Like Games list. I thought I'd share some of the best games for the iPad. The games highlighted here are mostly games that are longer than a few minutes per play session and are especially great for people who might be traveling or need something to explore for a few hours.
  1. Device 6
    This book... I mean game, is awesome! Device 6 is like a journey through a book. You read, solve puzzles, turn your tablet around a bunch. It's a great experience.
  2. 80 Days
    This is another story driven game. Except this one is a bit like a steampunk Oregon Trail. In this choose your own adventure style game loosely based on the Jules Verne novel, you must manage your time and supplies as you Journey around the world with Mr. Fogg. Good thing airships exist in this alternate world.
  3. FTL
    This game is also like Oregon Trail, but it's in space... and it's really difficult. I mean really difficult. There's choose your own adventure, manage resources, time, and tons of battles. Expect to lose most the times you play.
  4. Limbo
    This is a platform in game in a weird world. At times this game can be extremely difficult and you will fall down more pits than you ever did in Mario. I hesitate putting this one on the list since it's almost an easier play with a controller.
  5. Monument Valley
    The best way to describe it is to picture an MC Escher drawing... and then navigate through it. This game won a BAFTA game award for best handheld game.
  6. The Room
    No this has nothing to do with the movie about... Wait what was that movie about? Football? This game is mostly like those popular escape the room events springing up everywhere. Solve puzzle get to the end. It's sort of like Myst (which is also available for the iPad).
  7. World of Goo
    World of Goo is reminiscent of the old video game Lemmings. In this, you is goo to build structures and escape through pipes. Tomorrow Corporation (the company responsible for this game) has an excellent track record of making little bizarre games that are quite humorous and charming.
  8. Papers Please
    Ok I didn't want to have any crossovers from the other list Video Games for People Who Don't Play Video Games but I wanted to point out that this game and a few others (Her Story and Walking Dead) are also available for the tablet so check them out.