Best Songs on Bob's Burgers

After six seasons and 100 episodes Bob's Burgers is easily one of the best animated shows currently on TV. One of the best features is all of the original music written for the show (There've been rumors of an album since 2014). Here are some of my favorites
  1. This is Working
    Lindapendent Woman- I believe this is the first time the show ever did a musical style song with multiple part harmonies. I remember when this episode aired I told my friend that I hoped this wasn't the last time they do something like this. Luckily they've done many more.
  2. Harry Truman Song
    Mother Daughter Laser Razor- There's two kinds of songs in Bob's Burgers: The bigger music productions like the song in Lindapendent Woman and these weird short throw away songs that are just a couple of lines long. This is the best of the latter.
  3. Taffy Butt
    The Belchies- The season 2 opener starts off with a bang. This amazing episode, which remains one of my favorites to this day, ends with this perfectly silly song which closes the episode perfectly.
  4. Burgers and Fries
    Itty Bitty Diddy Committee- There's something about the use of straws in this song that kind of rocks.
  5. Bad Things are Bad
    Wharf Horse and World Wharf II- ether Nice Things are Nice or this reprise belongs on this list. Every time I watch this episode I love it more and more. I often feel bad for Bob and his family, but this episode makes me a little sad when I hear all about Bob's true dreams.
  6. Will You Be My Coal Mine
    Boyz 4 Now- I could put any song from this episode on this list. But my favorite is still the original B4N song.
  7. Banjo Theme
    Spaghetti Western & Meatballs- This is a song that I don't think many people will agree with, but for some reason this song constantly gets stuck in my head.
  8. Today is Going to be a Great Day
    Glued: Where's My Bob- In the season 6 finale Bob and Louise have a nice duet. I love Louise's fantasy of her father getting out and hoisting her up. You can tell that they went all out on the 100th episode.
  9. I Think I Found My Happy Place
    Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise- I think the song is great but Bob's floppy hat puts it over the top for me.
  10. Electric Love
    Topsy- This is the best to ever be on Bob's Burgers. It's weird, funny, and also oddly sweet in a disturbing way. It's also my favorite episode. It's also covered by the Magnetic Fields (well Stephen Merrit) one of my favorite bands. I love this song!