Best Travel Games

I have thought about doing this list for a while now, but since I have a travel sized game coming out I thought I'd wait. Now that's it was requested by @Waddy I feel like I need to do it now. So you know the drill, here are the best games that are best for travel in particular order.
  1. Parade
    Starting off with the first travel I ever discovered. In Parade, classic Alice in Wonderland character are played in a line. Based on the number or color you play you may be forced to take cards, which give you points (points are bad). If you take a blue 6 it will score you 6 points at the end of the game, but if you take the most blues they'll only score you one point each. So basically it's a game of trying not to take points, but if you do, take more to score less. Lots of fun in 66 cards.
  2. Deep Sea Adventure
    I was tempted to put several games by Oink Games on the list. Japanese games tend to be very small pocket sized games and I think you can't go wrong with any of their games. I already have talked on other lists about Insider and A Fake Artist Goes to New York so I thought I'd talk a bit about Deep Sea Adventure, a little push your luck game in which players dive down in the ocean looking for treasure. However you have to make sure you'll have enough oxygen to get back. Will you play it safe?
  3. Friday
    Sometimes you're forced to travel alone. So maybe taking a solo game is a good idea. Hopefully you don't become shipwrecked like Robinson Crusoe. In Friday you play as Crusoe's buddy Friday trying to help him fight off pirate and avoid dehydration. This is the best solo game I've played and it's travel sized lands this game on the list.
  4. Burgle Bros.
    Travel game is tough to define. Does it mean that I has to fit in you pocket? A backpack? Does it have to be able to be played in a small space? I wanted to include this game because it comes in a small box (7"x3") but man is this "Ocean's Eleven" game is big! It stretches across the table, has a lot of theme, and it's an amazing co-op (check out my list of best cooperative games for more on it).
  5. Hive
    Another way to look at "Best Travel Game" might be to consider durability. Hive is small (there is also a small travel size) but since the game is hard tiles, it's extremely durable. The game is waterproof and can be played on any surface even things like grass. So this two player chess like game can be played at picnic, hotel rooms, or by a pool.
  6. Tichu
    Really a deck of cards works well as a travel game. Well Tichu is a standard deck with 4 extra cards. It's amazing how those 4 extra cards turns the deck into an amazing trick taking game like hearts or spades (it's technically a ladder climbing game but I don't have enough characters to explain that). Unlike a lot of trick taking in which players play 1 card at a time, players are able play pairs, full houses, and straights. This is like expert spades and it's awesome.
  7. Shh
    A few years ago designer Chris Handy designed several games that each fit in a box about the size of a pack of gum. In fact he called the series the "Pack o Game Series". Unfortunately some of these games aren't great and might only be fun one time. Shh is different. It's a pretty interesting word game in which players try to cooperatively spelled out words. The catch is you can't talk. So I may play a B hoping you'll play an R but you might play a different letter making it harder to finish.
  8. Oh My Goods!
    In just 110 cards, Oh My Goods! (Worst title ever) is a compact game that is tons of fun. This game featuring multi-use cards is a fun pocket sized Euro game
  9. Coloretto
    Parade may be the pocket sized game I discovered first, but Coloretto is the one I've probably played the most. Part of the same line as Zooloretto, Coloretto has players draft cards to collect sets of colors. If you collect too many different colors you'll lose points... so like try to make your opponents do it.
  10. Happy Salmon
    Honestly I could list 20 more great pocket games, but I'll end this list with this funny real-time game. Turn over a card, if it says High Five you have to find another person to high five. If it says pound it- you have to fist bump, there's even the new move called the "happy salmon" in which two players have to slap wrists (which I think should be the official board gamer greeting). This game is dumb, but with the right crowd it is also awesome and comes in a cool fish package.