With the hundreds of games that come out every year very few are designed by women, but that doesn't mean there haven't been some great female designers. Here's just a few.
  1. Jenga- Leslie Scott
    I've heard Jenga is the second best selling game in the world. Sadly Leslie Scott doesn't own the rights to the game anymore.
  2. Qwirkle- Susan McKinley Ross
    This game plays like a game of colorful dominos. This game won the prestigious Spiel Des Jahres award in 2011.
  3. Thurn and Taxis- Karen Seyfarth
    Thurn and Taxis is a game about German postal routes... And while that theme doesn't sound overly exciting this game did win the Spiel Des Jahres in 2006. The game was co-designed with her husband Andreas Seyfarth of Puerto Rico fame.
  4. Primordial Soup- Doris Matthäus
    Doris has a really good résumé! She designed this Mü and she even was the artist on many great games like Carcassonne and El Grande.
  5. Sleeping Queens- Miranda Everts
    Designed by a 6 year old. What's weirder is that the game is for ages 8 and up... She must've been so happy to finally play her game 2 years later.
  6. T.I.M.E Stories- Peggy Chassenet
    This game was co- designed by Manuel Rozoy and is about Time traveling into bodies of people in an asylum.
  7. Rattus- Åse Berg
    Co-designed with Henrik Berg, this is a game about The Black Plague and trying to survive it while making your opponents population decrease.
  8. Monopoly- Lizzie Magie
    Oh yeah the big one! We'll sort of. In 1904 Magie received a patent for her game about landlords and it was a teaching tool about wealth inequality. She received $500 for her design and during The Great Depression Charles Darrow took the design and made it what we know today. So while women designers are rarer they have claims to the two best selling games of all time!