Every Game I Played at Board Game Geek Con

By now you probably know that I play a lot of board games. But sometimes people don't understand the scope of how many I play. Last week I went to BGG Con in Dallas and played about 40 different games. Some were good, some were bad, but hardly any were ugly. That's why I took photos of every game I played below and in order. Let's get started.
  1. PitchCar
    One of the best things about the conventions is that it's the best place to play some old favorites and/or harder to find games. I was thrilled to play PitchCar, finally! It's a simple game in which players flick a disc around a track and try to be the first player to finish. I also started the convention with a bang by beating two experienced players.
  2. Kanagawa
    The next best thing about the con is getting to play all the new 2016/2017 games I played about 25 of them. The first 2016 game I played was Kanagawa, which is a cute little drafting game about building a painting. It also happens to be designed by one of my favorite designers, Bruno Cathala.
  3. Dream Home
    There's an area at the convention called "Hot Games" where the hottest games are set up and ready to go all con long. If course since they're hot, the tables tend to be full. I got in two game of Dream Home which was an ok little game about building your... well you get the point. I edged out the victory in this game.
  4. Mechs Vs. Minions
    I got to play the hot new game based on the incredibly famous video game, League of Legends. This game has an insane amount of pieces in the box! And the game was good too! It's a bit atypical for the kinds of games I like, but I was happy to play it, especially since it is a co-op.
  5. Risky Adventure
    After Mechs Vs. Minions my friends convinced me to play a new game I had heard nothing about. Typically that spells bad news as I am up to date on all the hot games and if it was getting good reviews I feel like I would've heard about it. Risky Adventure wasn't that memorable in mind, but oh well, they can't all be winners.
  6. Fabled Fruit
    Fabled Fruit is a game in which you play and go, "Hmm is that all?" And then you play it again and it changes into a more interesting game. That's because Fabled Fruit is sort of like a legacy game that you can reset. The first game isn't that interesting but by time we got to game three I really started to enjoy it.
  7. Weykick Soccer
    Something that I liked about the con is they had these large wooden games set up at all times. I liked playing a few of the games briefly since I knew I won't have too many opportunities to play many of these outside of a convention setting.
  8. Piratenbillard
    Piratenbilliard is excellent example of this. You take this large wooden mallet, hit these tiny cloth pouches from underneath and watch your marbles fly. I mean look, John seems to be having fun... Right? Maybe I'm the only one who enjoyed messing around with these games.
  9. New York Slice
    Another feature to cons are the exhibition halls. Here you can buy games and demo new or upcoming games. New York Slice is a reworking of a great game called Piece O' Cake. This game has a lot of nice details like the pizza style box it comes in and the "Check" style score sheets. I think they should've gone with a more stylized art, but this game did make our entire group hungry for pizza.
  10. Colony
    After NY Slice, we demoed Colony (Also by Bezier Games). When the game started I was like, "Hmm this seems a little boring" But then it ramps up for a turn... then it becomes a little mundane. As one of the people in our group put it, the game was tedious. I'm willing to try it again in a lower player count to see if that helps.
  11. Touria
    Still hungry from NY Slice, we decided to grab some food. Afterwards we demoed a weird little game called Touria. In Touria you are trying to woo a Princess. You walk around the board by spinning one of four towers on the corners of the board. (One of the more interesting parts of the game) once you collect enough money and hearts you flip over one of the center tiles and hope to find the princess. If you don't the game continues. This part felt a little too random for me, but I had a good time.
  12. Cottage Garden
    Cottage Garden was one of my favorite games I played at the con. From Uwe Rosenberg (Agricola, Bohnaza) comes a follow up to his game Patchwork. You play Tetris shaped flower tiles into your gardens and try to score the most points by filling your garden. It's beautiful, puzzly, and has a cardboard wheelbarrow. This was one of my favorite games at the con. Plus it has adorable sleeping kitties you can place in your garden.
  13. Lorenzo Il Magnifico
    Who wouldn't want to play a heavy Euro game about one of the Medicis? Lorenzo doesn't feel too different from many heavy euros out there but there were enough twists and mechanisms to make this a game I'd play again if I was looking for a solid Euro. I won handily so I may just be biased about it.
  14. Unusual Suspects
    This game is basically the profiling version of Guess Who. One person knows the criminal and then the other players flip over a question. Does this person have unpaid parking tickets? Then the person in the know answers the question. With that answer, they must eliminate one person. This game is great for a lot of people. It's ok in my opinion. I think I feel a bit too weird profiling people.
  15. Mission Impractical
    You have to dispose of nuclear waste and you have to choose one item from each column... what do you choose. Players will guess your choices. This isn't a party game I am going to play all the time but it was okay.
  16. Loopin' Louie
    There's a fair number of old school kids games that get played in a very hipster fashion. Loopin' Louie is one of the most common examples. Louie flies around in a circle and you have to hit him up in the air as he comes by. It's actually pretty fun.
  17. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
    I played Loopin' Louie with a bunch of strangers and it was really late at night. I wanted to go to bed, but these strangers talked me into playing a game I really love: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. I love this quick deduction hidden role game of abstract clues. If you want to know more about it I'm sure you find more info about it on one of my other lists I still have 23 games to talk about.
  18. Key to the City - London
    Friday was my birthday and I started it out right. I love Keyflower. It's one of the best and most interesting worker placement games I have ever played. Unfortunately, Keyflower is a little too heavy for new players. Key to the City corrects this, to a degree. It's not like it's as easy as Ticket to Ride or Catan, but it is a good next step game plus I think it looks so nice on the table. You draft key places around London and try to build connections around your city. I love how it looks.
  19. Insider
    Oink Games makes tons of little games with a good sense of style. In Insider, the master has a word chosen for them and the other players ask 'yes or no' questions to figure out the word. The catch is that one of the players secretly knows the word and must help the other players guess correctly. But if they're too obvious they lose the game.
  20. Spaghetti
    Spaghetti was one of those dexterity games I had to try out at the con. In the game you pull out different color noodles (they're basically shoestrings) and try and not have other noodles or meatballs fall onto the table. It's dumb but also fun in the way most dexterity games are.
  21. Obama Llama
    I have to say, it's sometimes hard to convince my friends to play some of the games I want to try out. Somehow I convinced people to play Spaghetti and then immediately play Obama Llama. In this game you make clues in which the answer is always a rhyme with a celebrity for instance, I'd give the clue "Chinese ruler getting dairy from the utter" your answer would be "Chairman Mao milking a cow". Fun right? The Dark Knight looking for Jesus's Goblet.
  22. Huh?
    Huh is a party game from France... and boy is it ever French. You give clues to get people to guess a film or a celebrity but you don't want everyone to guess it. I didn't think this one worked as a three player game especially when the cards occasionally had clues like the French band Couer de Pirate. Who I like, but no one else at the table had heard of for obvious reasons.
  23. Sol
    So for my birthday we went out to eat at this pretty terrible smoky restaurant with loud country music. Afterwards Steve wanted to play Sol which sounded interesting enough that I didn't use the "It's my birthday let me pick" card. Sol is a 3 vs 3 team game in which you play as a group of pirates trying to find clues to a treasure, grab it, and get it back to your boat. Steve and I thought it was okay, but I think everyone else wished we were still at the smoky bar.
  24. Game of Thrones: Hand of the King
    As much as I like Game of Thrones I wasn't too excited to play a GoT game. In fact, I don't really like any games based on IPs. But GoT: HotK had a really interesting unexpected art style. The game plays like Hey That's My Fish. On your turn you move down rows collecting different characters from different houses trying to collect the majority from each house. While it wasn't insanely good. It was four times better than I thought it would be.
  25. Hop
    Hop looks a bit like the movie Up. There's a three dimensional cloud board and six fully painted player pieces. The game is beautiful, but probably over produced for what it is. You draw a card and then try to throw a ring around another players finger. That's it. Sure the cards might make you stand on a chair or close your eyes but essentially you're throwing a ring. I'll admit I had a good time, but I'm not rushing out to buy it. Also why was it called Hop?
  26. Safranito
    I feel like I did a good job of convincing people to play a bunch of weird games with me. Safranito is a game about collecting ingredients and then using them to make dishes. The twist is you get these ingredients by tossing chips on to the board and getting them to slide onto particular spaces. This is an idea I had for a game, but turns out it was already done. There is some room for improvement but overall this game was fairly interesting.
  27. What's Up
    Saturday is the biggest day at the con, tons of events are going on. In the morning one big event is the flea market where people line up and try to get great deals on used games. While standing in line for the flea market some strangers had this game and asked if I wanted to play on the hotel floor while we waited. I was mildly interested in the game because of the art. The game is a simple memory game about collecting birds of different colors. It was cute and I think it'd be good for kids.
  28. Eight Minute Empire: Legends
    I don't love any of Ryan Laukat's games, but I like them and I respect his ability to design, publish, and do the art for his games. I hadn't played EME before and I see why people like it. Each turn you take a card which will allow you to either add, move, or kill cubes on the board. You get points for controlling island and regions on the board. It's simple and it takes about 15-20 minutes to play. I'm not quite sure how he got the name.
  29. Entropy
    Entropy is a game about playing a card in your hand and hoping others players don't choose the same action as you, sort of like Get Bit. The game is light and feels a bit like Coup or Love Letter. I wasn't really a fan of it, but I can see getting new gamers into the hobby with it. I tried to get pictures of every game I played, but somehow I failed to get this one. I did take a picture of this book they had with all of the Kickstater backers in it, which is a little odd to me.
  30. The Perfumer
    I convinced people to play a lot of weird games, but this is one that people probably like me less now for convincing them to play it. The Perfumer is a Euro style game about gathering ingredients and making perfume. The game comes with cards that smell like the various ingredients. That's right, the game has a deduction element in which you smell cards in order to make various perfumes. It wasn't very good but I am so glad that I got to play this even though all the smells gave me a headache.
  31. First Class
    My head was still hurting from The Perfumer, so I wasn't really interested in playing this heavy game. On the other hand, my friends were nice enough to play my smelling game so I thought I owed them this. First Class is about building train cars and collecting passengers. It's all about combos and picking up cards at the right time. We realized during the game that we were probably playing with several rules incorrectly. I'd like to try this one again with the right rules and a clear head.
  32. Avenue
    I couldn't convince the people I played The Perfumer with to play a drawing game so I changed groups and played Avenue with some other friends. Avenue is a lot of fun. You flip a card and it tells you what type of mark you have to make and which farm will score each round based on the number of grapes you've connected it to. Each round you have to do better than the last round otherwise you get huge penalties. There are additional end game scoring for connecting grapes to castles. I liked it!
  33. The Arabian Pots
    Okay! So maybe I should've learned my lesson from The Perfumer and not tried to convince people to play a game all about hearing, but whatever, I did it anyways. In the Arabian Pots you take turn shaking pots and trying to align pots with similar sounds. This one only took about 10 minutes to play so I think it went over a lot better than The Perfumer.
  34. Garbage Day
    I played a lot of dexterity games at the con. Which is good. Dexterity games are great for when your brain is starting shut down after a ton of games. Garbage Day is fairly straight forward, draw a card-play a card. You play mostly play trash cards onto this trash can so that the two holes on the card are unobstructed by previously placed cards. Stack the cards up and don't let them fall. It was cute and perfect for the end of the night
  35. Drum Roll
    Garbage Day was going to be the last game of the night until I found Drum Roll in the library. It's a circus building game I've wanted to play for five years. The game centers around hiring and training performer trying to have the best circus act each round. The game usually lasts three rounds, but due to time we only played one round. I'm interested to see how the rest of the game plays out. Since this game is really hard to find I may have to wait until next year.
  36. Dr. Eureka
    The last day of the con is tricky. Most people are leaving at random periods during the day so you don't get to play a lot of longer games. Some people wanted to play a quick round of Dr. Eureka, which is a game that I like. A card is flipped and you take beakers with marbles and try to transfer them until they look like the picture. I did horribly at the game because I was too tired to do the logical gymnastics this game requires. But I highly recommend Dr. Eureka.
  37. Pandemic Iberia
    I got to sneak this game in right before the game library closed. This version of Pandemic plays mostly like the original game: treat diseases, find matching cards to cure them, and avoid outbreaks. The nice new feature to the game is the way you have to move around the board because there are no flights. You can build train tracks and purify water in regions. I liked this quite a bit and I look forward to playing it more in the future.
  38. Heimlich & Co.
    Before several of my friends left for their flights (I made the mistake of flying out the next day not realizing nobody would be around) I got to play a game that's about as old as I am while we ate lunch. You play as a detective going around a neighborhood scoring points. The catch to this game is that nobody knows which player you are (and you want to keep it that way) so you move all the pieces roughly equally. If someone figures out who you are they will get to score bonus points.
  39. Inis
    Luckily I ran into a friend of mine from LA who was also flying out the next day and luckily he bought one of the new hot games, Inis. Inis is a game about fighting and controlling territories (not really my style of game) but what makes Inis interesting is that there are three ways to win the game. The game plays fairly well and has some really nice Celtic/Art Nouveau style work. It was good enough that we played it twice. I also won the second time, which was a nice way to end the con.
  40. Epilogue
    Overall I had a pretty good con. I got to play 40 different games , 37 that were new to me. I also got a lot of business done meeting new publishers and pitching my designs. I played some good prototypes and some terrible ones too. I got some free games including 62 copies of a game no one wanted. I emptied out all the pieces and I am going to use them to make new games! If you're looking to go to a gaming convention I can highly recommend BGG con. Thanks for reading!