Every Game Played this Memorial Day Weekend

I attended a local Los Angeles gaming convention this past weekend. I mostly tested some new games of mine but I got a few games in. Here's the list
  1. Unearth
    I did NOT start the weekend off with a bang. The first game I played was the second worst game I played all year. The artwork was nice but the game was not.
  2. Who's Got Game
    I followed up my bad start with The Worst Game (it may be the worst game I've ever played). This game based on the Neil Strauss book "The Game" was unsurprisingly terrible. I knew it would be going into it, but my friend really wanted to play it because of how dumb it looked. I couldn't get through 10 minutes of it.
  3. Elephant's Trunk
    When someone makes me play a bad game I tend to force them to play a ridiculous game. This game is for ages 3 and up and as a game for 3-6 it was good. For an adult it was just a roll the dice and see what happens game, but it was cute.
  4. Valdora
    I finally got the chance to play a game with a little meat on it. Valdora was simple but it was decent. It has these cute book pieces and it was a pretty good time.
  5. Five Tribes
    I ran a game of Five Tribes. This game is in my top 5 games so it was a delight to play.
  6. R-Eco
    So there's this game about being a trash collector that I've been wanting to play. I did. And it was good, better than I thought It'd be for sure. So good that I'm recommending this one and I might even try to get a hold of a copy for myself. The artwork is a little bad though.
  7. Kanagawa
    I taught some people how to play Kanagawa and after teaching I decided to play. This play was better than the first time I played.
  8. Frank's Zoo
    This a game by Frank and Doris and while they don't make many games anymore they made a few interesting games in the past. This game is definitely an usual trick taking game.
  9. Archaeology
    Simple set collection game. It was ok, but good enough we played it twice.
  10. Parsley
    Parsley is basically an RPG that plays like a text based adventure. Players work together to control one player. The catch is they can't talk to one another. This was the most interesting game I played at the convention.
  11. Coal Baron: The Great Card Game
    This was one of the best games I played at the con. This card game is just as heavy as the original but plays a lot differently.
  12. Shiba Inu House
    In this super cute game players race to assemble dog house for little Shiba Inus.
  13. Family Feud
    One of my friends ran a Family Feud contest. While not a board game it was a lot of fun... well until fast money when my friends answer to "name something you do to pets that they don't like but it's good for them" was feeding them.
  14. Color Stix
    Slide sticks, make combos. Simple but fun.
  15. Bounce Off
    It's like beer pong without drinking. I already don't beer pong... so I didn't really like this either.
  16. Identik
    In this game one play describes a picture and the other players have to draw it. After time is up players have to answer questions using their drawings like "how many blades of grass were in the original photo?" So the describer has to make sure they do a good as well as the players.
  17. The 3 Commandments
    The last game of the con was a weird one. Players move a piece on the board and then the judge (the priestess). Players then try to figure out the 3 rules to score the most points. Catch is sometimes the rule is get up and dance before placing a piece.