This weekend is GenCon. Every year roughly 80,000 people come to Indianapolis to celebrate gaming. This is its 50th year and my first time attending
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    Gen Con is massive! Thursday morning people line up (crowd together) so they can rush inside and hopefully snag the new hottest game. Sometimes there's only a limited number a tensions are high. I usually talk loudly about the games I'm interested in and make up stories about how bad I've heard they are
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    Once the doors open you leave the crowd... to become apart of the crowd again.
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    I stood in line as Asmodee's booth and picked up a copy of the Five Tribe's Expansion: Whims of the Sultan. (I will admit that I ran to a different booth first it hopes of snagging a copy but somehow I was too late.
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    I walked around and checked out a few games like the upcoming Codenames: Disney
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    I played (and won) a new 2 player trick taking game from Renegade Games call Fox & Forest
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    Then I had a stranger take a horribly framed photo of me with Shiba Inu from the game Shiba Inu
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    If you think that guy was cute check out all these critters. Yeah there's nerdy stuff to buy other than games
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    Like this weird leather suit.
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    Gen Con isn't strictly people buying stuff. People dress in costumes
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    There are people playing music
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    And of course play games. I had been at the convention for several hours before I found this room. Look at all these people! How did I miss them? This convention is that big!
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    Let's see where was I? I played Flipships.
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    Then I played a giant version of the new Flick 'Em Up: Dead of Winter.
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    Oh yeah, there are tons of giant games. Like this giant Catan.
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    Giant Junk Art
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    Or Giant King of Tokyo.
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    I continued running around, meeting friends, looking at games, setting up meeting, and looking at even more games. Until it was night.
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    So I walked past Cardhala, where Gamers make crazy big card houses, went back to my hotel and got ready
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    Because then I went and saw They Might be Giants.
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    So far it's been a lot... and this is only day one