I play a lot of games. When I explain that I own over a hundred games to people who don't really play games they are often confused. I have to explain that hundreds of new games out every year and that they are a great way to meet up with friends and get away from screens. So this list covers the "best" games from each letter of the Alphabet.
  1. A- Agricola
    When people who haven't done much modern gaming ask me what the appeal is I often bring up how pretty the games look on the table. Farming has never been cooler.
  2. B- Bling Bling Gemstone
    This is a great game from Korea about Ming gems. It's sort of like a don't know of the tower game like Jenga.
  3. C- Carcassonne
    Most people enter the gaming hobby with the "C" game "Catan". What brought me in was this classic tile game.
  4. D- Dominion
    This is another game people to get people into hobby with, but this is more for people who already play games like Magic and other collectible card games. I have played this over 2,000 times. Whew it feels good to admit that on social media.
  5. E- Escape: the Curse of the Temple
    A misconception about games is that they take several hours to play. While some take forever most are about an hour long. This real time game is only about 10 minutes.
  6. F- Five Tribes
    This game is like advanced Mancala but can still be played with whole family. Spoiler Alert: it's beautiful.
  7. G- Galaxy Trucker
    This is also a realtime board game, but this game isn't so family friendly. If you're interested in a realtime space game I also recommend checking out the amazing app.
  8. H- Hanabi
    Another thing I have to explain to new gamers is that some games are cooperative and the players work together to beat the game. This is one of those games and a great one to get people into the hobby especially with your parents whose favorite games are things like Hearts and Spades.
  9. I- Inhabit the Earth
    Most of the games on this list so far are relatively easy to play and teach, and while this cover looks friendly... It's tough. It's really good... But tough
  10. J- Jaipur
    Some people love gaming and they are constantly trying to find a game to play with their partner who may not be so sure of how they feel about gaming. This is a great two player game that fits that niche.
  11. K- Keyflower
    This game is beautiful and I love it. It's a little complex and not for everyone. If you're looking for a Family K game check out King of Tokyo.
  12. L- Letters from Whitechapel
    There is a game about just about everything (It would be everything if publishers would listen to my ideas for a Pretty Little Liars board game) I asked my girlfriend if there was a theme she might be interested in for a game. Oddly one of the themes she suggested was Jack the Ripper. In this game one player plays as Jack the Ripper and the others play as the police officers hunting down Jack.
  13. M- Mysterium
    M is tough. On one hand I could've put Magic, but I wanted to stick to non collectible card games. On the other hand I could've put Mr. Jack, but it'd be weird to put back to back game about Jack the Ripper (I don't want people to think me or gamers are all crazy people). I decided to put in another team game in which players try to solve a mystery. One player gives secret non-verbal clues while other players try and suss it out.
  14. N- No Thanks
    This is a simple game that everyone can play, even your Grandmother.
  15. O- One Night Ultimate Werewolf
    Even non gamers have often seen or played werewolf/mafia. This game takes that concept and compresses down into a shorter game.
  16. P- Pandemic Legacy
    Okay, for new gamers I recommend the disease fighting cooperative game Pandemic for experienced gamers I recommend Pandemic Legacy. Pandemic Legacy is the story version of Pandemic and lasts for 12-24 games. Afterwards, you can no longer play the game with that same copy. During games cards get ripped up and the board becomes marked. It's insane and insanely good.
  17. Quadropolis
    This is a 2016 game in which players build a city. It's quick and clever and a game that deserves to be on lists for more reasons than the fact that it starts with the difficult letter Q.
  18. R- The Resistance
    This makes the formerly mentioned werewolf look like it belongs in the trash especially when you play the Avalon version.
  19. S- Suburbia
    If you are the kind of person who love SimCity I highly recommend this city building game.
  20. T- Ticket to Ride
    If you're new to gaming and somehow you made it to here- congratulations! This is the game I always recommend to new gamers. I have gotten more people in the hobby through this game. It's the new American classic in my opinion.
  21. U- Um Reifenbreite
    "U" would be a really tough letter if it wasn't for this bike racing game from 1979. Good thing it exists and is awesome
  22. V- Vegas Showdon
    "V" unlike "U" is difficult because there are actually a lot of good "V" games. Viticulture and Village miss the list in favor of this Casino building game. This is one of the first games I owned in the modern game hobby and it's a goodie!
  23. W- Witness
    It was between Wink and Witness. Wink involves winking at people and Witness is about solving a case by whispering into people's ears. Hmmm... They both sound so secretive.
  24. X- X-Com
    Based on the classic computer game X-Com is a co-op game in which players try to defeat aliens... Emphasis on "try".
  25. Y- Ys
    Ys is a game about bidding and controlling markets. I looks kind of boring and sounds kind of boring, but it's pretty good.
  26. Z- Zooloretto
    Whew- I kind of sped through my thoughts on Ys so I could talk about Zooloretto. This game is gorgeous, easy to learn, and smooth. Players draft animals and build a zoo trying to make sure they fill up their zoos without overcrowding it. I love this game and Coloretto and Aquaretto in the same series.