I currently have 102 followers. Yay @Waddy for being number 100 and suck it to the rest of you for missing out on being #100. I have loved li.st as it has been the only the social media platform I seem to get. Seriously I have only 50 Twitter followers after years. I feel like doing something special to celebrate. Is there a list you'd like to see?
  1. I know I mostly make lists about board games, but I have an opinion about just everything (Not in that annoying way, more in a "I can't shut my brain off kind of way") Did any of you do anything special for 100?
  2. On my 100 follower I introduced them to my 1st follower. It is a privilege to be the 100th.
    Suggested by @Waddy
  3. Make a 💯list of something.
    💯games; 💯favorite game designers; 💯favorite people; 💯 favorite cities; 💯 ways to randomize outcomes in board game situations.... something 💯ly epic.
    Suggested by @andersun