Super Weird Dexterity Games

I love dexterity games. They look cool on the table, easy to learn, and the first time you play them you sort of suck. Here are some weird ones I've played.
  1. Toc Toc Woodman
    The game about chopping down trees. Well chopping the bark off while hoping you don't make the tower fall.
  2. Spaghetti
    In this game you remove "pieces of pasta" while trying to avoid having the meatballs roll off the plate.
  3. Coconuts
    Put a coconut in the monkey's hands and try to catapult it into little cups. It's like the monkey version of beer pong
  4. Dr. Shark
    This is a game about swimming in the pool of a Bond villain... or something like that. What you mostly do is reach into a bag and try to pull certain pieces out by feel alone. It's weird.
  5. A La Carte
    This is a game about cooking. Each player gets their own tiny metal frying pan. On their turns players turn season shakers over their dishes and hope that too many don't come out. They also need to pick up your pan and flip tiny cardboard crepes.
  6. Funny Bones
    This game is from the 60's (in case the art isn't obvious). Players play in teams and draw cards and that they have to place between the two of them "butt to butt" "hand to chest" etc. it's kind of like twister the card game.
  7. Lift it
    In this game you have to build a structure with hook on a string. The catch the string is attached to your head. BONUS: I'm wearing the Lift it crane in my profile picture.
  8. Looping Louie
    Louie flies around in circles and you need to make him bounce so he doesn't hit your chickens. This is that kids game that I only see adults play.
  9. Gone Cuckoo
    In this game players build a nest and try not to have it fall apart on them
  10. Garbage Day
    Like Gone Cuckoo but with trash...
  11. Safranito
    You toss around chips and try to have them land on versions spices. It's a dexterity game with some interesting strategy.