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Something I think about even more than I think about potential husbands is my inevitable kickass squad.
  1. BEYONCE. 👑
    At first I hate being friends with her because she makes me hate myself. But being in her presence is everything.
  2. Mindy
  3. JLaw
    I'm basic.
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My introduction to list was fast & furious, and then I plummeted into responsibility & completely vanished.
  1. The world sucks & I'm mad about it.
    All I want to do is bitch about how awful & dumb people are, but negativity does nothing.
  2. Donald Trump.
    Totally responsible for me not listing, because all I want to list about is how much I hate his oompa loompa ass.
  3. That time I had to delete Li.st off my phone because I was running out of storage space & needed to take some killer Instagram photos.
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I have a podcast, and today it's officially on the iTunes podcast app!
  2. You can find us here: https://itun.es/ca/xi_jdb.c
  3. Please subscribe, review & rate!
    We're going to do a contest for anyone who writes a review. You'll be automatically thrown in a draw to win $50!
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just a big jumble of thoughts on some recent lists & comments.
  1. I've just read a few lists & comments regarding intra POC (is that what it's being called?) and cultural appropriation.
  2. And I'm so glad this is a conversation being brought up.
  3. An important point for black appropriation within other POC groups...
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And go watch Jesse Williams' BET speech if you haven't seen it.
  1. This man is so woke & nailed this speech.
  2. All of this was so necessary.
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  1. I got rejected from a party in front of Tom Hiddleston (& everyone else, but mostly Tom).
    This was at TIFF last year. I convinced a friend I was with to try to manipulate the door hosts into letting us in to the High Rise after party. High Rise being Ben Wheatley's new film starring one of my Hollywood crushes, Tom Hiddleston. Anyway, we go to the film first (we had legitimate tickets for that), and then rush over to the venue a source had told me it was at.
  2. I flashed at least 8 people my Vagene at the gym.
    I'm not a huge fan of underwear so very often don't bother wearing it. On this particular day I skipped underwear with my running shorts (RUNNING SHORTS ARE FLOWY SIARRAH). I was an hour into my workout (almost done) when I finally noticed this girl was giving me stank face. I stand up and begin doing lunges and I notice something in the mirror...my vagene. Whenever my running shorts bunched up my lady peeked out 🙈 & EVERYONE definitely saw.
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  1. 1.
    What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
    Check my phone 🙄
  2. 2.
    When you walk into a bar what do you typically order?
    Depends on my mood. Maybe a beer, maybe a gun & tonic. I know, I suck.
  3. 3.
    What's the one word you are guilty of using too often?
    LIKE. And I hate myself for it.
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As a follow up to my list of celebrities I like but it wouldn't work out with https://li.st/l/0V9RXwIWjmqIW6ZR4rwpuc, I decided to list the celebs I could have something really special with. side note: With the intent of not being a home wrecker I did not choose any married men.
  1. Drake
    We're both Canadian. We're both bi-racial. We're both award winning rappers. Two of those things are true. Real talk, I think the dude is hilarious & super sweet. I worry I'd ruin him, but the way he took down Meek has me assured.
  2. Chris Evans
    I am SO SO SO loving him with Jenny Slate, but if shit doesn't work out with her or @NotAWitchDoctor I think we could have something special. I mean mostly because LOOK AT HIM.
  3. Chris Pine
    Why are Hollywood Chris' so attractive?! Took me awhile to get on this Chris train, but he's won me over. Reasons why we'd be happily ever after: 1) his beard 2) did you see the way he cried for my ancestors at the Oscars back when 12 Years A Slave won?!
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Inspired by @jeremysomething
  1. *based on legit mathematics
  2. Injustice: 1000%
  3. When my cat died: 100%
    Worst day of my life.
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Inspired by @aprilkquioh plus many others floating around. Love reading these!
  1. First off, a disclaimer: I'm half white & live in super multi-cultural Vancouver, Canada. But when I say multi-cultural, I mean except for the black community. There's a handful of black people in Vancouver, which has always been a huge bummer for me & impacted so many decisions I made with my hair.
  2. Despite having a white mother she always did a killer job with my hair. & taught me to be very proud of said hair.
  3. Case & point.
    Me dressed up as Diana Ross for my 5th Halloween.
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