just a big jumble of thoughts on some recent lists & comments.
  1. I've just read a few lists & comments regarding intra POC (is that what it's being called?) and cultural appropriation.
  2. And I'm so glad this is a conversation being brought up.
  3. An important point for black appropriation within other POC groups...
  4. So many non-black POC groups grew up identifying with black culture. Because as few complex black characters we see in the media, we see even fewer non-black POC. When you're a POC watching TV or a film, & you're identifying with a character it's not going to be the white person. It's going to be the only POC on screen.
    Usually Black.
  5. This isn't an excuse for appropriation within non-white cultures, but it's a valid point that I believe needs addressing.
  6. I have definitely appropriated other cultures without acknowledging or even thinking it was a problem. My bad. We're all learning.
    And this is honestly the first time I've even heard a conversation like this brought up outside of when white people appropriate.
  7. We so often talk about cultural appropriation & racism amongst white people, but ignore that we do it within our own groups.
    So thanks again for everyone who brought it up.
  8. I think every culture has a hierarchy list that they're somewhat aware of. White people sit at the top of all of those lists, as every societal construct was created to benefit them.
  9. Then we hold our own prejudices & thoughts on hierarchy within our cultures, environments & communities.
  10. For example, being a Black Canadian, I've noticed First Nation people (Native Americans in the states?) sit at the bottom of our hierarchy.
  11. Also living in a city with a predominantly Chinese population, there's A LOT of racism towards the Chinese community.
    A lot of "there's too many of them" & "learn to speak English". Yes, racism exists in Canada.
  12. Growing up I had a lot of Chinese friends & I noticed most of their parents were always uncomfortable with me.
    There was a lot of racism on their end too toward black folks.
  13. Anyway this jumble of words & thoughts is just trying to say that we all do this hierarchy thing to each other.
  14. We say "I have it worse & you don't know my struggle".
  15. Without actually knowing their struggle.
  16. I am trying to acknowledge when I try to turn opinion into fact.
  17. Far too many times I have had to call a white person out on irrelevant comments assuming like they know my struggle or what it's like to be black.
    Or a man who thinks he knows what it's like to be a woman.
  18. When in reality they obviously have no clue.
  19. And I don't ever want to do that to another group of people.
  20. I know struggle & injustice & racism & cultural appropriation & hate from my life as a black woman. But I don't know the struggles within Asian communities, or the Latinx communities, or the LGBTQ community etc.
  21. But what I do know is we all belong to communities where all we know is injustice, because no system was ever created to benefit us. Because we're viewed as less. Because we're not white.
  22. I have so often ignored injustices within other POC cultures in favor of only worrying about my culture's struggles.
  23. And I feel awful for any time I've contributed to racist discussions, or just stayed silent instead of speaking up. Regardless of my race, it's not right. And it's never justified.
  24. In short, I think we can all do better & support one another. And the conversations I've read have (for the most part) encouraged open & honest discussions that positively add to everyone's education and perspective. & I'm very grateful for any insight contributors have added.