My introduction to list was fast & furious, and then I plummeted into responsibility & completely vanished.
  1. The world sucks & I'm mad about it.
    All I want to do is bitch about how awful & dumb people are, but negativity does nothing.
  2. Donald Trump.
    Totally responsible for me not listing, because all I want to list about is how much I hate his oompa loompa ass.
  3. That time I had to delete off my phone because I was running out of storage space & needed to take some killer Instagram photos.
  4. Being an adult who has to work too many jobs & hang out with friends and family I love but don't have time for & "go to the gym", and all those other adult things.
  5. Seriously though, where is the balance?! but stop working on my fitness? Or stop listing but be built AF?! ANSWERS.
  6. I lost a solid week & a half to some pretty intense drugs.
    I'm good now though.
  7. I was away for a week in the mountains with a bunch of smelly & high young adults.
    AKA festival season
  8. Truths & one lie.
    Spoiler alert: the gym one is a lie 🙊
  9. Giphy