Sisi's Squad

Something I think about even more than I think about potential husbands is my inevitable kickass squad.
  1. BEYONCE. 👑
    At first I hate being friends with her because she makes me hate myself. But being in her presence is everything.
  2. Mindy
  3. JLaw
    I'm basic.
  4. Amy Schumer
    When I found out JLaw & Amy were friends I knew it was fate. Slowly my squad was forming...
  5. Emma Stone
    & Emma is friends with them?! Squad almost formed... Side note: We pretty much just talk about what a good kisser Ryan Gosling is.
  6. Adele
    AND ADELE?!? Squad formed sans moi. I imagine they're all just sitting around waiting for me...
  7. Gina Rodriguez
    She's hilarious & smart & talented, what this squad is made of.
  8. Emma Watson
    Usually someone like Emma would make me feel inferior, but she's a ray of sunshine that completes the squad. Also she sometimes invites DRad to tag along.
  9. Rihanna
    She's cooler than the whole squad combined. We all just bask in her swag.
  10. Zendaya
    Is this a squad of gals or brows? Cause I'm here for it.
  11. Emilia Clark
    Mother of dragons gets an invite.
  12. Margot Robbie
    I'll probably get too drunk at a party & try to make out with her.
  13. #squadgoals