4 things that give me terrible and embarrassing gas.... But I'll never stop consuming

  1. 1.
    Pickled onions
    Crunchy, tangy, vinegary deliciousness... Causes regular onion inspired gas that has a difficult odor to blame on the dog
  2. 2.
    Really, coors light. This jewel in the hillbilly crown of tail gating, the only beer that needs a new gimmick every six months to sell it, can play havoc on the bowels and make morning Dutch ovens rather spectacular
  3. 3.
    Blue cheese
    Mmmmmmm... Blue cheese... The most incredible and interesting of all the milky curd based marvels, bringing a touch of class to this stinky list...
  4. 4.
    Pickled eggs. A hard to find item here in the United States.
    These little egg shaped...well eggs, are delicious. Sprinkle black pepper on them, eat them while enjoying a pint of stout, who bloody cares!!! Just eat the suckers. Noxious gas rating of 2mega tones. Coupled with significantly eggy stench