Faux pas when posting a photo on a dating site - ladies edition

  1. Posing with an Ex
    If you must, there are plenty of free apps to delete him from the picture.
  2. The pouty lips selfie
    Yes, we know luscious lips are sexy but exaggerating them to the point where it looks like you just bit onto the most sour lemon, meh!
  3. Group pictures with all your friends
    Men are bad enough in reading women, now, you want to make us into a psychic??
  4. Showing too much love to your pets
    I love my dog but please don't make it look like you make love to your dog. TMI
  5. Posting pictures of your teenage daughter (s)
    It's just wrong in so many levels.
  6. A "mugshot" selfie
    When your selfie looks like you been arrested for DWI, you are doing it wrong
  7. The disaster background of a cluttered room
    Black plastic bags and beds cluttered with your undone laundry is not a way to "keeping it real"
  8. The overly exposing pin up pose
    A little sex appeal.goes a long way; exposed areolas,.not so mich.