I just posted a recipe for broccoli pasta on my blog, From Scratch Fast (www.nickisizemore.com/blog), since my 6-year-old daughter just learned to love broccoli. Here are some other foods she still doesn't dig. At least yet (I'll post back in another 6 years ;).
  1. Peanut butter
    Seriously; what kid hates peanut butter?! And we're talking nut butters of any kind, not just peanut. Instead she opts for orange marmalade with butter. She clearly got the Brit gene from James.
  2. Bell peppers
    Won't go near them, not even super sweet melted red peppers.
  3. Asparagus
    Actually, she claims to like asparagus, but she will only eat about a half-inch of the upper bud, leaving behind the entire stalk. In my book, this doesn't count.
  4. Brussels sprouts
    Alright, not surprising.
  5. Olives
    Can't fault her for this one - it took me 22 years to learn to like olives.