Every week I plan out a menu before hitting up the market. This week things are a bit different as my mom is coming to visit (🎉). Here's what we're cooking.
  1. Sun: Grilled salmon with salsa verde, grilled vegetable and quinoa salad, strawberry pecan crisp
    Tonight's meal is a bit of an ad-hoc affair, as we were supposed to go to a friend's house for dinner, but the little one came down with strep throat. 😨 I picked up a piece of wild salmon and a bunch of vegetables, which we'll throw on the grill. I'm going to blend up an herby salsa verde to drizzle over the fish. We'll finish things off with a strawberry crisp, adapted from my apple crisp recipe. http://nickisizemore.com/apple-pecan-crisp-and-some-thanksgiving-inspiration/
  2. Mon: Prime rib, potato purée, green bean salad
    Ok, this is not our usual weeknight meal, but I need to test a prime rib recipe that I'm developing for an upcoming project (it's all about going low and slow, baby). My mom loves prime rib and I thought I'd surprise her with it. Unless she reads this. (Mom, don't read this!) Potato purée is just a fancy way of saying mashed potatoes. Cause that's how I roll.
  3. Ties: Shrimp tacos with chipotle cream
    You guys, last week I made these roasted cauliflower tacos from the Love & Lemons cookbook (see photo), and they were so good! The chipotle cream was the star, and I'm determined to put it on everything. All you do is purée Greek yogurt (I used Vegenaise, as I was out of yogurt) with garlic, a chipotle pepper, and a touch of lime, olive oil and honey. This week the sauce will smother shrimp tacos with Napa cabbage and avocado.
  4. Wed: Babysitter is booked, and we're going out!
    For some adult conversation with my mom. And this 🍷🍷🍷
  5. Thurs: Roasted chicken legs and thighs, baby potatoes, kale
    This is another recipe I'm developing. I'll toss baby potatoes with chopped kale, smashed garlic and evoo, spread them on a sheet pan and top it with chicken. Something similar to the photo. It's a one-pan dinner. 👍🏻 I'm going to serve it with a garlic aioli.