What I'm Making This Week (5/30/16)

Every week I plan out a menu before hitting up the market, saving me time on busy weeknights and money at the store. This week is a lazy menu, as we've had friends in town all weekend, and I'm pretty wiped. I need to pick up a few staples but will be using mostly what we have on hand.
  1. Mon: Out
    We had an awesome weekend with our friends (see pic) and cooked some pretty damn good meals (lamb burgers, ribs, duck sausages, rhubarb tarts, s'mores...). Now I need a break to recharge, so we're going out tonight. If we change our minds, I can always defrost some beef for burgers. What's better, not having to cook and clean, or eating in your pajamas?
  2. Tues: Creamy Broccoli Soup
    Yes, this is exactly what we had last week (it's from the new Love and Lemons cookbook), but did I mention that I'm tired and lacking in inspiration? The girls loved this soup, and, hell, if it means they'll devour something green I'm all for it. Grilled cheeses are a must. Since it's getting steamy, I'll probably serve the soup chilled.
  3. Wed: Pesto Pasta Salad
    I have a couple bags of macaroni to use up and am thinking I'll do a pasta salad with pesto (basil, mint and parsley, which we have in our garden), zucchini, yellow squash and peas. And lots of Parmesan, which my kids eat by the cupful.
  4. Thurs: Shrimp Tacos
    We have some shrimp in the freezer, which I'll defrost; toss in chili powder, lime zest and spices; then grill. I'll pile the shrimp into tacos with avocado slices, a simple red cabbage slaw (shaved cabbage + lime + evoo) and a lime-infused sour cream. I also have some plantains that are on their way to ripe, so I'll sauté them with butter and serve them alongside the tacos, along with some canned black beans that I'll doctor up with garlic, cumin and cilantro.