1. This little bundle of joy was in my post office box yesterday!
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    I waited until my kids went to bed to open it. The suspense was excruciating. In a good way.
  2. How adorable is this envelope?
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    Rhetorical question. It is completely adorable!
  3. A sticker from Michigan
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    I will carefully choose a location for it to reside permanently. In the meantime, I will prop it up on my bookshelf.
  4. Sticky notes and gel pens!
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    For making lists IRL
  5. What is this?
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    A present within a present?
  6. Indeed!
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  7. And the piece de resistance:
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    A little easel with a painting of Michigan! I will put this on my desk at work where I can see it all day, every (work) day.
  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful and generous surprise @feminist! I love my secret Santa gift!
  9. Thanks to @ChrisK for setting this up!