I have been working a part-time job for two years. On Monday I start a full-time job!
  1. Staying in bed until 11am
  2. Looking through Instagram, List App, then Instagram again
  3. Enjoying a leisurely-paced meal consisting of scrambled eggs, water, and banana cream pie yogurt
  4. Sewing a project bag or two
  5. Washing dishes
  6. Cleaning the bathroom
  7. Sending an email to my friend in China explaining why my trip to China is in jeopardy due to my new full-time job
  8. Sending some postcards to random strangers. Postcrossing FTW
  9. Writing a letter to my 6-year-old niece asking for advice on nail polish colors
  10. Watching not one, but two, 4th grade basketball games
  11. Learning how to make cheese
  12. Determining if my 6th grader is really going to be able to pull off a science project involving super-cooled water and snap freezing
  13. Checking Instagram again. Making a post that is only funny to me and a small handful of others
  14. Buying milk
  15. Dreaming up something to make for dinner then making said dinner
  16. Knitting Christmas gifts for all 5 nieces
  17. Putting kids to bed. Hoping they stay
  18. Watching something on Hulu while continuing to knit
  19. Reading through Postsecret. Think about how much hurt there is in the world, but also how much joy there is, too.
  20. Deciding upon my outfit for my first day at my new job
  21. Checking Instagram one last time. Comment as necessary
  22. Falling into bed, completely exhausted
  23. Reading whichever book is on my nightstand until I fall asleep