Guys, there are so many. Feel free to suggest more!
  1. The Ross and Rachel break up - if only Rachel could have texted Ross at the bar! 😫
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    That torso hug!!! 😭😭😭
  2. The Seinfeld episode where they are lost in the parking garage - always take a picture of your parking zone!
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  3. Romeo + Juliet - all Juliet needed was to text "don't worry, not really 😵 lol"
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    This also applies to the OG version
  4. Titanic - a cell phone with amazing reception could have gotten some life boats ASAP and ended the whole "there's room for two on that piece of wood" debate
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    Already cell phones could have saved 90s Leo twice, just sayin
  5. That episode of SpongeBob where he and Squidward get lost delivering pizza - Google maps saves lives
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  6. Felicity
    I can't with Felicity but I choose to believe that with some light texting she wouldn't have moved her whole life to University of NY. BUT SHE'S SO CRAZY WHO KNOWS
    Suggested by @aminatou
  7. Nearly every X-Files episode. If someone just took a pic of the damn aliens...
    Suggested by @wes
  8. HP
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    Suggested by @aminatou