@Kellendria and I recently re watched the early 2000s masterpiece that is My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which I purchased for $5 at a Ralph's. I remember loving this movie as a kid, and although I still love it, I noticed some shit that flew right over my lil head the first time...
  1. First off, I guess we are just going to let his hair be a thing?
    Even her face is like "Second he puts a ring on it I'm makin' him cut that shit."
  2. Hold up. Toula is 30 years old, seemingly financially independent, and yet has to ask her parents for everything? You're a GROWN ASS WOMAN, Toula! Do whatever the F you want! Go to college! Bang a basic dude! World is your oyster, girl!
  3. This is supposed to be set in Chicago, and yet all of the popular girls are blonde. After an extensive talk about "cool girls" with Chicagoans @amyreed and @carolineschwartz pretty sure most of the north shore popular girls were brunette. Just sayin.
    This image was found off of a quick google search entitled "Chicago popular girls"
  4. I remember the dad being my fav character... But now I see how insanely misogynist he is... But to his credit he is great at making adorable puppy dog eyes... So many mixed feelings about this man.
  5. I guess we are just making grandma dementia jokes?
  6. Her voiceover insinuates her whole life changed when she saw this hot guy with inexcusably long flowing locks... I would argue her whole life changed when she found some confidence in herself and went to college and got a job she rocks at and does her hair and make up how she wants and starts gettin her groove back, that's all I'm sayin.
    Lesson: confidence is hot
  7. ONE NOT SO DISTRESSING THOUGHT: that spinal cord in the lump monologue is the best thing ever. Props to Nia for writing it, props to Andrea Martin for killin it. Seriously, go to YouTube and watch it again. No wait, actually, I'm going to put it right here so you can just go right to it: http://bit.ly/1KdKa9v