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  1. Jessica Cox- World's first licensed armless pilot
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    Jessica doesn't let having no arms hold her back from anything- including flying! http://bit.ly/1EtstSl
  2. Lauren - 4-year-old with cancer and a huge heart
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    When asked what her wish would be from the Make a Wish foundation, cancer patient Lauren responded unlike most 4-year-olds: she wanted to give comfort to other patients. Lauren gave out "bunny blankets" to patients so that they wouldn't feel alone. Even sweeter? She hugged each bunny before giving them away. http://bit.ly/19wmimh
  3. William Kamkwamba - Malawian teenage engineer
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    Unable to attend school, self-taught William transformed his hunger-stricken village by building his own electric windmills out of junk to help feed his friends and neighbors. "Many, including my mother, thought I was crazy - people thought I was smoking marijuana." http://bbc.in/1CotTyu
  4. Jennifer Kempton - sex trafficking survivor
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    Jennifer now helps fellow sex trafficking survivors get tattoos to cover up the tattooed "brands" and scars from their abusers. Video in this link is amazing - //www.theguardian.com/global-development/2014/nov/16/sp-the-tattooed-trafficking-survivors-reclaiming-their-past
  5. Yulia Marushevska - Ukrainian activist
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    Yulia strives to humanize the conflict in Ukraine and be a strong voice for freedom. Check out her powerful video calling for solidarity//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvds2AIiWLA