Thanks for the list suggestion @Kellendria 👍
  1. That time at the end of 3rd grade we found out that Joe Lund (fellow 3rd grader) had been flushing the kickballs in the toilet before recess for weeks.
  2. That time Anna gave a handy to Patrick at a church overnight with what she thought was lotion but turned out to be self tanner. Yes.
  3. That time a doctor pulled a surprise hunk of tin foil out of my brother's ear canal
    Had been there for weeks because he forgot about it. And he was like 10.
  4. That time I snorted sidewalk chalk on a dare
    I was hanging with a sketchy cul de sac crew.
  5. That time @Kellendria and I wanted to take our Barbies to Disney's Atlantis but Kelly's mom said no so we smuggled them in our winter coat sleeves like straight up criminals
  6. That time we got a day off of elementary school because a tree's roots got all up in the plumbing and a toilet blew up
    Best. Day. Ever.
  7. That time in 7th grade I managed to have a whole "relationship" without saying a word to my "boyfriend" during it. It lasted 24 hours and my friends delivered the crippling break up via note at lunch
    Tale as old as time.
  8. That time @Kellendria and I had a "Nature Sale" and collected the money my parents paid for sticks and rocks in a sombrero
    Shark Tank, here we come!
  9. That time in 5th grade when we learned about puberty and one girl asked if you can get hurt from your period and our teacher- instead of saying we were going to be fine- told us we could DIE.
    Toxic shock syndrome. Panic ensued.