Learned all of these from an amazing conversation with the head of Deaf Iowans Against Abuse. Thanks for the enlightenment!
  1. Deaf individuals are at high risk for abuse. Abusers can maintain control and keep isolation because deaf individuals may not be able to hear a phone call, drive, and thusly keep employment and economic independence.
  2. In an emergency abuse situation, many deaf individuals cannot hear the operator for a 911 call
  3. Deaf individuals who have trouble with vocal communication have trouble finding a confidant who knows sign language and to whom they feel comfortable disclosing their abuse
  4. When a deaf individual has been sexually assaulted, some have not learned the sign for "rape" yet, or their translator might not know it, which can result in mistakes in their police deposition that defense lawyers can use against them
    For example, they might respond "no" to the question asking if they have been raped because they don't understand, and then later explain that they have, which can be described as "changing stories" by defense lawyers.