1. Rheumatoid Arthritis - First of her name
    Rheumatoid was a princess from a different land over the Narrow Sea and got married off to a forgotten Lannister
  2. Daria Diarrhea
    Years and years before Daenerys, she was a princess of Meeren before being beheaded for laying with a slave
  3. Lady Cholera
    Catelyn's second and forgotten sister who is somehow even more batshit than Lysa
  4. Queen Mother Emesis Basin
    Her son grew up to be the least eventful king of Westeros. Which is saying a lot because all Tommen is good for is his marriage to the hot Tyrell chick.
  5. Countess Dementia
    Actually a whore in a brothel. This title makes her feel fancy.
  6. Anorexia of Dorne
    She's the first woman to beat out her brother for the crown of Dorne
  7. Fellatio
    This guy's definitely from Bravos