1. When Simba's dad died 😭
  2. In Titanic, that guy who hit the propeller when he was falling off of the boat. 😧
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  3. When I found out Chik fil A was homophobic 😖
    Why!? I just want my delicious chicken with a side of civil rights!!
  4. In 5th grade when I was told you can die from a tampon 😵
  5. Whoever allowed freakin' Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books to be in the children's section 😟
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  6. Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, when people were throwing tomatoes at Quasimodo 😥
  7. 8th grade. Health class. Photo of genital herpes. 😑
  8. Every time I pull hair out of the shower drain 😫
  9. Watching the video of the people who kissed for the first time at their wedding 😒
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  10. Public restroom... the seat is still very warm... 😳