@carolineschwartz and I tackled hosting a Seder for 7 people while being kitchen illiterate. (Also my first Passover ever as an Episcopalian from Minnesota 👍)
  1. The Haggadah is to wine as a frat bro is to keg stands
  2. My cat is the most likely to find the afikomen first
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  3. Thank you, phonetic spelling of the Hebrew, for helping me fake it til I make it
  4. Diego the butcher is real chill when you ask him as casually as possible for one animal bone please
  5. The song Dayenu freakin rocks
  6. I identified with the simple child.
  7. @gabimoskowitz has the best recipe for apple pear charoset and we are rejoicing that we made way too much 👍
  8. Passover is, like all the greatest holidays, a wonderful reason to celebrate with and cherish your friends and family ❤️
    Awwwww :)