At the time I thought this was a grave injustice. Now I recognize that healthy snacks probably added years to my life. Thanks Mom ❤️ Doesn't alleviate the memory of longing to eat pizza topping-shaped stretchy sugar though
  1. Dunkaroos
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    Packaging to content ratio 2:1
  2. Gushers
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    This is not food
  3. Fruit by the Foot
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    The upper echelon of the elementary social hierarchy was occupied by kids who came in from recess with their forefinger dyed bright colours from the Fruit by the Foot they had wrapped around it and sucked off
  4. Hawkins Cheezies
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    The colour says it all
  5. Fruit Roll Ups
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    A stretchy square of colourful sugar? Yes please! Even better when it had tongue tattoos, or shapes stamped in it so you could "build" things. Like pizza.