Night Owl 🦉🦉🦉
  1. Static
    Finding new books and constantly scrolling through the "Coming Soon" Titles on Amazon.
  2. Static
    Figuring out new hairdos because I wear the same three styles over and over.
  3. Static
    Organizing book, movie and other collections I horde by the masses!
  4. Static
    I started a podcast with two other librarians.
  5. Static
    Luckily, I have another cohost. We run a silent book club around the valley. We're constantly evolving the club!!!
  6. Static
    Posting to one of the four Instagram accounts I work on, on top of posting to other social media outlets; whether for personal or professional use.
  7. Static
    Constantly working on a diy project. My next project a big cozy comfy blanket for the fall.
  8. Static
    Wanderlusting and plan future for trips...
  9. Static
    The same cohost of silent book club partnered with me and we write a fun newsletter :)
  10. Static
    Ladies night is a must!!!
  11. Static
    Working on my personal blog of six years!!!