So many friends asked why I wanted to leave California when it came time to decide on college. I said I want to experience something new and it's the only time I have to do it.
  1. I'm literally stopped everywhere I go because my college ring not only stands alone in how unique it is from all other college rings but because it's seriously a beautiful ring, thanks Saint Mary's for being on top of it. #smchick
  2. University of Notre Dame is right across the street from my campus.
  3. Saint Mary's is small - 1800 girls to be exact. You're a person, not a number.
  4. My professors knew my name. A history professor actually emailed me once when I ditched class asking where I was, yikes!
  5. It was a strong liberal arts college, I would have failed at a UC school! Science, math, engineering, nope. Humanities, oh yes please.
  6. Oh the perks of being a Saint Mary's girl, I sat in the student section at Notre Dame football and basketball games.
  7. Other perks - I wore leggings, little makeup and threw my hair in a bun everyday for class and I wasn't judged because every other girl was doing it too.
  8. I got an awesome education. When I started my masters program, I knew I was beyond prepared. It was an experience I'll never forget.
  9. Moving two thousand miles to a new town, experiencing a different culture and entering college seemed so much better than going to school in my home state. Even if home is California.
  10. South Bend is like 75 miles east of Chicago, its like the third best city in the country. Friends and I would drive in to the city every other Thursday to hit up the Science and Industry Museum, catch a Cubs game in season and then get pizza and beer.