15 Things I'm Bad At

  1. Although I would have hated every minute I wish my parents would have sent me to math camp maybe then I'd know some shit. My senior Calculus class was the worst.
  2. When a kid comes to my desk and says Miss Sarah remember me from the library tour last year?! Um, I see and deal with a lot of kids, no I don't remember you. I use to have such a great memory and now it sucks.
  3. As a children's librarian, there a lot of events that involve balloons. Sadly I cannot blow a balloon to save my life.
  4. Eating healthy!!! But Trader Joes Chili Chicken Burger and their Roman Greco Pizza are so amazing.
  5. I cannot parallel park to save my life!!!!
  6. Watching television in moderation. Between working at a library and having all streaming services hooked up to my playstation, I binge watch shows like you can't believe. Started and finished friends in a month!! That's ten seasons!!!
  7. Even though I need to, I never take vacations because...
  8. I'm a workaholic. Even when I'm home, I research, edit, blog and the five million tasks it takes to be modern librarian.
  9. No matter how much I clean and organize there are books everywhere. I need a designated library area in my small ass apartment or Merlins magical bag to fit all my books.
  10. Confrontation. There are so many things I would like to say to my roommate and others. But I never will.
  11. Every time I try to get rid of some of my tote bags I just can't.
  12. I'm getting better but it's hard to say no.
  13. I'll clean my bathroom and its nice and orderly for like two days and then it's a nightmare again.
  14. Exercise...
  15. I'll have a question for my boss and as I'm walking and I get to her office I inevitably forget what I was going to ask.