Things in reach that make me happy when I'm drowsy. What's on my nightstand, here are my twelve favorite things...
  1. An Anthropologie monogrammed mug filled with pencils, pens, highlighters and markers.
  2. My current reading list which includes these books: The Bell Jar, Victorian Lady Travelers and Makeovers at the Beauty Counter of Happiness.
  3. Geode coasters
  4. An empty but earth tone picture frame
  5. A cup of pomegranate blueberry tea.
  6. My favorite Bobbi Brown Chapstick.
  7. Rifle Paper Co. Notepad, you know for making physical lists.
  8. A leather bound journal.
  9. A candle.
  10. A small pot of Echeveria.
  11. Antique looking paperweight I picked up at a flee market.
  12. Mini portable Bluetooth stereo.