Light a candle, turn on a romantic comedy and update your music library.
  1. Dreaming of a relaxing and luxurious bubble bath while showering.
  2. Remove makeup, apply toner and lather my face with moisturizer.
  3. Hair up, bra off and sweats on.
  4. Read a magazine, children's book and a book of essays.
  5. Think of fantastic conversations to have with Mindy Kaling one day.
  6. Complain about being a grad student, deal with group project bullshit and figure out ways to get out of homework.
  7. Organize my lipstick collection.
  8. Obsessively declutter my closest.
  9. Try on clothes that you spent a ton of money on that are slightly too small and have never worn in public.
  10. Be hopeful when preparing gym bag for the next day and then conveniently not go to your workout class.
  11. Think of ways to be more creative, like painting planters. It's my new thing.
  12. Try to look effortlessly chic in your J. Crew pajamas and Anthropologie robe but immediately change into your favorite college shirt and boxers from the sale rack at Anthro.