The little (and big) things.
  1. Hermione, my butterfly fish.
    Although she's just a fish, I have a responsibility to not kill her. I look forward to coming home and seeing her dance and twirl because she's excited to see me. I feel calm watching her swim gracefully as I start falling asleep. My anxiety is practically nonexistent by the end of the day because of this little fish.
  2. My bed and pillows.
    It's freezing and my bed so incredibly cozy.
  3. Independence.
    Being able to financially support myself, therefore meaning I can do whatever I want (for the most part). As we enter possibly the next world war, I realize how many women and children don't have access to basic necessities like human rights or a voice. I'm grateful for everything I have.
  4. Call the Midwife.
    What is currently trending in my Netflix queue. I love this wonderful show.
  5. Support.
    For every time school is hard, work is draining and life is rough, your friends and family are there for you.