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An interview..
  1. Meet Olga and Gertie
  2. They showed up at a family dinner so we interviewed them
  3. Olga is from the old country
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  1. She's adorable
    But I knew that part
  2. Country music and show tunes
    We may not be able to continue this friendship
  3. Witty and takes to sarcasm well
    Bonus points
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  1. Never ever take a road trip in the same car as MIL
  2. I should've known better
  3. Jake and Katrina are much better company for the ride back
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  1. She's one of the best moms I know
  2. Blood or even the mention of it makes her squeamish
    Which I find hilarious and I sometimes use it to get a rise out of her
  3. She came first
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  1. I'm about to become this
  2. If we pass another rest stop after passing 2 that we said we would stop at..I'm going to lose my s**t
  3. I'm 4'10 and less than 100lbs...but I will turn effin ninja killer if I don't eat regularly
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  1. 🤔
  2. Perception of marriage
  3. Reality...sometimes
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  1. Now
  2. Spotify, my book and @doodler19 are distracting me though thankfully
  1. Muhahaha
  2. Expect the opposite of a normal reaction from the future MIL
  3. The rest of us are pretty normal
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Somebody kill me please..I'm on my knees, pretty pretty please kill me...put a bullet in my eye (wedding singer)
  1. My morning is already starting off with a migraine
  2. On the second cup of coffee and I just had some bacon..hell yea
  3. I'm quiet in the morning
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