Somebody kill me please..I'm on my knees, pretty pretty please kill me...put a bullet in my eye (wedding singer)
  1. My morning is already starting off with a migraine
  2. On the second cup of coffee and I just had some bacon..hell yea
  3. I'm quiet in the morning
  4. MIL and new friend are not
  5. I want to read my book..I will have to find my zen to tune them out
  6. @doodler19 is probably laughing through all this
  7. 6 hours? I thought the ride was way shorter than that
  8. Someone hates me
  9. The talk of politics and religion are just around the corner I can sense it
  10. Bam there it of presbyterians and baptists
  11. Note to self..invest in beats headphones..stat
    Added note, this does nothing for me right now
  12. My only hope is this coffee scalding my throat
  13. Why did I agree to this?
  14. Katrina and Jake will save me when we arrive
  15. In 6 hours?!!! Jesus if we survive..this new friend is giving me heart palpitations with the driving
  16. Wait or maybe it's the 🚗
  17. It sounds like it's unstable
  18. Panic and anxiety are setting in
  19. Ok another sip of coffee..I'm fine
  20. 5 hours and 57min more
  21. This coffee is going to make me pee a zillion times and everyone in the car will hate me
  22. Yess I have shitty headphones with me..I can tune them all out
  23. @doodler19 I know you're super jealous of all this super fun awesomeness