An interview..
  1. Meet Olga and Gertie
  2. They showed up at a family dinner so we interviewed them
  3. Olga is from the old country
  4. Gertie is from Manhattan
  5. They've been entertaining us quite a bit this evening
  6. Gertie used to work at the Macy's on the fourth floor..Olga can't remember because her papers weren't in order
  7. The outfits were from the thrift store
  8. Lipstick was .93 at the Walmart
  9. $10 shoes at the Walmart as well
  10. They both have phones that have the World Wide Web..and library cards
  11. They've had a few marriages..unsure of the official number but Gertie's first husband was killed..because he was breathing
  12. The kids at this family dinner are slightly unsure how to react to these women of age
  13. Gertie really wanted to show us the detail of her dress shoulders while Olga tried to cover her up
  14. Static