1. Sometimes it's kinda nice...if I have to go somewhere I can't bring the kids..instant 'me' time! Unless I get called in
  2. If I go in though..cash money..making it rain $$!
  3. Going in more than 3x in one day gets me irritated though..all that 💰 gets taken out in taxes 😠
  4. There have been times I've almost thrown the pager out of my car window it's gone off so many times in a row for different services (vascular, OR, etc)
  5. Middle of the night calls are the worst..by the time I get home I can never fall back asleep and I end up being a zombie the next day
  6. Some cases are really freakin cool...all the blood and missing body parts 💉
  7. I've been on call for 12 years so far and I still love what I do..not many people can say that about their job