1. Towards the end of the trip..."Mommy I want cookies." Jesus your poop is going to end up being a f**king rainbow
  2. Tossing Hunter snacks in his face because he's in the back of the van
  3. "Are we there yet?"
  4. We brought 20 packs of teddy Graham's...they're gone now..we have 2 hours left of the trip
  5. "Mommy...mommy...mommy"
  6. "Mommy isn't here anymore."
  7. "Mommy I need my drink..."
  8. "Mommy I'm hungry.."
  9. "Mommy I need to go pee.."
  10. ...mommy has a meltdown and needs coffee
  11. ..small human has meltdown due to lack of cookie satisfaction
  12. Potty training while on road trip..total fail at some points..when the car seat has pee everywhere
  13. "Gimme cookie now!"
  14. ...windows down and cookies thrown to the toll booth collector