I dread the day I no longer have a sibling at my school. I'll never know what the kids are saying about me after Jillian's gone!
  1. An early student teaching picture--notice all my students are on their phones
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  2. Grading and my hair looks great
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  3. A picture I'll call "it's Monday and I have already given up on this week" featuring the biggest stack of copies of all time
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  4. Computer face
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  5. That time I made a kid sit next to me on the floor during presentations so he'd shut up
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  6. I think this was an accidental snapchat, not a call for help
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  7. Caught at a softball game holding random puppy
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  8. One of the now numerous times I've been photographed in my car
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  9. Probably questioning someone's idiocy
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  10. Definitely questioning someone's idiocy
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  11. And they even take pictures of me when I have a substitute
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  12. Or when I'm late to tutorials
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  13. And when they find pictures of me when I was a baby
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