I dread the day I no longer have a sibling at my school. I'll never know what the kids are saying about me after Jillian's gone!
  1. An early student teaching picture--notice all my students are on their phones
  2. Grading and my hair looks great
  3. A picture I'll call "it's Monday and I have already given up on this week" featuring the biggest stack of copies of all time
  4. Computer face
  5. That time I made a kid sit next to me on the floor during presentations so he'd shut up
  6. I think this was an accidental snapchat, not a call for help
  7. Caught at a softball game holding random puppy
  8. One of the now numerous times I've been photographed in my car
  9. Probably questioning someone's idiocy
  10. Definitely questioning someone's idiocy
  11. And they even take pictures of me when I have a substitute
  12. Or when I'm late to tutorials
  13. And when they find pictures of me when I was a baby