Because lord knows I'm not going to grade tonight.
  1. I got a new teacher bag for birthday. It's a major upgrade from what I was toting--my Madewell Transport tote and a LACMA tote I got last summer.
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  2. My school keys. These are actually never inside my bag, because I have to put them somewhere where I will remember to wear them every day. I always wear my badge because I often get mistaken for a student.
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  3. My YETI mug, because #texas.
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  4. My clipboard, which is plastered with stickers. This is where I keep track of assignments if I do homework checks in class.
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  5. Notepad #1 (with notes from a district meeting I went to last week with the superintendent as well as notes on the STAAR A test)
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  6. Grading I will not touch tonight.
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  7. A planner I bought with good intentions but haven't touched since September.
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  8. My sister's math homework she left on my desk.
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  9. A list of lesson plan weeks I need to submit before Friday 😅
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  10. Notepad #2 (because the first one was not enough)
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  11. Lesson plan books from this year and last year that I have not touched since September. Maybe next year.
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  12. Research sentence outlines that somehow made it into my bag despite these not being on the grading docket for some time.
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  13. My school iPad, which I'm supposed to use aide instruction but instead use to watch Netflix, mostly.
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  14. A sad 4x6 stack of post-its.
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  15. A weird invite one of my speech and debate students gave me last week to their Thanksgiving party that I will not be attending.
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  16. A thumb drive bought with good intentions.
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  17. My wallet. More on this later.
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  18. My makeup bag. More on this later.
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  19. My pencil bag. I need options and I am very particular about pens. Flairs and G-2s only, please. There's some great MUJI pens in there too, but I only use those on special occasions.
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  20. My emergency kit, which I have all the crap that used to be in the bottom of my bag.
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  21. And what ended up in the bottom of my bag. A confiscated "tweety", a Reese's peanut butter cup wrapper, staples and paper clips (hot commodities), and ear plugs I bought at a speech and debate tournament last week.
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