Because lord knows I'm not going to grade tonight.
  1. I got a new teacher bag for birthday. It's a major upgrade from what I was toting--my Madewell Transport tote and a LACMA tote I got last summer.
  2. My school keys. These are actually never inside my bag, because I have to put them somewhere where I will remember to wear them every day. I always wear my badge because I often get mistaken for a student.
  3. My YETI mug, because #texas.
  4. My clipboard, which is plastered with stickers. This is where I keep track of assignments if I do homework checks in class.
  5. Notepad #1 (with notes from a district meeting I went to last week with the superintendent as well as notes on the STAAR A test)
  6. Grading I will not touch tonight.
  7. A planner I bought with good intentions but haven't touched since September.
  8. My sister's math homework she left on my desk.
  9. A list of lesson plan weeks I need to submit before Friday 😅
  10. Notepad #2 (because the first one was not enough)
  11. Lesson plan books from this year and last year that I have not touched since September. Maybe next year.
  12. Research sentence outlines that somehow made it into my bag despite these not being on the grading docket for some time.
  13. My school iPad, which I'm supposed to use aide instruction but instead use to watch Netflix, mostly.
  14. A sad 4x6 stack of post-its.
  15. A weird invite one of my speech and debate students gave me last week to their Thanksgiving party that I will not be attending.
  16. A thumb drive bought with good intentions.
  17. My wallet. More on this later.
  18. My makeup bag. More on this later.
  19. My pencil bag. I need options and I am very particular about pens. Flairs and G-2s only, please. There's some great MUJI pens in there too, but I only use those on special occasions.
  20. My emergency kit, which I have all the crap that used to be in the bottom of my bag.
  21. And what ended up in the bottom of my bag. A confiscated "tweety", a Reese's peanut butter cup wrapper, staples and paper clips (hot commodities), and ear plugs I bought at a speech and debate tournament last week.