December break vacation. We flew in on Christmas Eve and I lost count of the number of kippas I saw on the plane.
  1. Donald Trump doesn't like when you leak or anything
  2. Stop suckling from the teat of my water bottle!! No teat!!
  3. If one of you puts me in the ground full body when I die, I will be really mad at you! And you will feel it! I want to be cremated and put in the ocean.
    Rachel, completely unprompted. We were talking about what to get for dinner.
  4. Rachel: What's Kama sutra? Rose: Ask mom. Mom: What's the questch?
  5. I was born in 2001, but I IDENTIFY as a 90s kid! It's like gender, it's a spectrum!
    Rachel, after Rose and I kept making "only 90s kids remember" jokes
  6. I need to get a pelican something.... I need a tshirt, a Knick knack, something before leave.
  7. How much did you smoke in college? Cocaine? DDT? PCP? Molly? eBay?
    Rose to father
  8. I binge watched Bob Ross.
    Rachel, not ironically. She actually did this.
  9. Are you going to go get loose? You should go get loose.
    My mother to Rose on New Year's Eve and the party in our hotel
  10. That's all for now folks